Tenant FAQ

Q: Do you help tenants find rental homes?

A: We will help tenants with properties that we currently have available. We are not able to help tenants rent properties we do not manage.

Q: Do you accept Section 8?

A: We are able to accept Section 8. Your voucher amount must go up to the rental amount. We will not accept payments that Section 8 does not know about.

Q: Do you charge an application fee?

A: No, there is no application fee.

Q: What is the security deposit?

A: It ranges on the property. Please check with each property for the amount.

Q: When is the rent due each month?

A: The rent is due on the 1st

Q: Do you charge a late fee?

A: Yes, all rent paid after the 5, there is a 10% late fee.

Q: What types of payments do you accept?

A: You can pay with check, money order, credit card (fees involved), and online payment system

and late after the 5th

Q: Where can I get an application?

A: You can get one at our website, we can email one, or you can come by our office and pick one up.

end faq

Property Owner FAQ

Q: Do you rent out properties?

A: Yes! We are a full service management company. We currently manage all types of properties.

Q: What do you charge for managing a property?

A: We charge a monthly percent of the rent. Please contact our office for a current price.

Q: Do you send out tax forms?

A: We send out Tax form 1099 each year.

Q: Do you send out monthly statements?

A: We will email or mail monthly statements to show income and expenses for the month.

Q: Do I need a licensed real estate agent to manage my home?

A: Yes, you do. It is real estate law that all property managers must have a current license or Broker’s license. We currently have a real estate license and are working with Broker at America’s Realty Atlanta, Inc.

end faq